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About us

About us

Advantage Learning Technologies (ALT) is enabling and empowering learners and educators across South Africa. By providing innovative and relevant education solutions whilst simultaneously connecting educators with learners in the best way possible, we are enabling learning at every instance. We commit ourselves to facilitating and managing multiple education platforms for educators with a focus on providing practical services and products for in-person, blended, and online learning solutions for educational individuals and organisations. By enabling the educator we are enabling the learner.


ALT aspires to be a thought-leader and first-mover in the areas of education, innovation, and community in South Africa and Africa as a whole. Founded in early 2013, ALT was originally established to control Advantage Maths - a pioneering education brand focused on furthering mathematics at a high-school level. Initially a family business founded by Trish Pike and her two sons, James and Crispian Lees, ALT quickly grew in experience, scale and impact. Advantage Maths soon was quickly and naturally joined by new education brands including Advantage NBT, Advantage Science, The Green Door, and our flagship educational e-commerce store Advantage Learn. Our educational products and services are guided by the following three types of learning:

In-person learning

A traditional educational arrangement whereby learning takes place in a physical, brick and mortar environment. Face-to-face contact and instruction is incredibly powerful and this conventional mode of teaching can be the most effective in the hands of skilled educators but it lacks potency in terms of reach and accessibility.

Online learning

As society has developed and advanced, so too have methods of delivering educational content. Online learning facilitates the transfer of knowledge through the use of electronic technology and media. The power of online learning lies in its ability to deliver innovative content while reaching a wide learner audience at a time convenient to them.

Blended learning

We believe this is where educational magic happens. Combining the best of in-person and online learning, and minimising the negatives of each. Our blended learning products are practical and effective solutions that recognise the diverse needs of learners and are always delivered with learner ability, context, and outcome in mind.

Meet our in-house brands

We are activating educational change right now. Get in touch if you want to contribute to, or partner with, us in these exciting spaces.

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Advantage Learn

Differentiate yourself

Advantage Learn is a blended and online education provider currently focussed into the secondary education market in South Africa. It offers complementary courses to South African high school students through an e-commerce store, AdvantageLearn.com, and is geared towards selling its courses online. AdvantageLearn.com allows customers to purchase their courses instantly and be automatically enrolled into the online Learning Management System (LMS) where they can begin their studies immediately.

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The Green Door

Some might call it an office

We think of it as our team headquarters and collaboration space. It's our creative physical environment which allows us to pull it all together and work efficiently as a team. The space also includes The Green Room, our fully equipped online filming studio where our, and other, educational media is produced. In addition to opening our doors to the Durban coworking community, The Green Door also proudly hosts many light community events such as educational, tech, and community meetups.

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WordPress development house

Meet Pango! We are ever-learning WordPress experts who love building WordPress plugins and themes. With all of Advantage Learn's technology products having been developed in-house, and for its most recent history based solely and lovingly on the WordPress platform, ALT quickly began acquiring an impressive skillset in the WordPress development space. The same developments driving Advantage Learn are being released to the world by Pango.

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